Amanda’s Story

Amanda Stuart was born in 1967 in the United Kingdom. She grew up in a small country village in Kent. Amanda immigrated in the ’80s to Queensland, Australia, with her family, where she attended Queensland College of Art. Amanda is a daily surfer whose artwork often suggests sentiment for her local surroundings on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Amanda Stuart’s artwork is characterised by playfulness and is often multi-layered. She expresses a personal connection to people, places, and objects. Carefully placed symbols give the viewer clues to metaphorical meanings often connected to her life experience.

After a successful career in teaching art and holding senior roles, Amanda decided to devote all her time and energy to pursuing her passion for painting and ceramic sculpture. Amanda’s paintings and sculptures can be found in private collections, Tiny Tree Gallery, Cleveland and Seaview Gallery, Moffat Beach. Additionally, her work has been shown in regional art galleries in Noosa and Caloundra, Queensland and in Milan, Italy.

In 2022, Amanda won the 2K Local Artist Prize at Sculpture on the Edge, Flaxton Gardens, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Influenced by the work of Greyson Perry, Rosalie Gascoigne, and Chris Ofili, Amanda’s sculptures and paintings are bright, colourful and eclectic, mixing ideas and images from different contexts to create a story that often reflects a sense of fun and whimsy.

Surfer Girl

Head Vase

Call of the Ocean

Dame Edna

Uncle Wazza

The Birthday Party